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  • : Hello, je suis née à Tahiti en Novembre 1999. Je fais du snowkite dans le sac de mon papa depuis l'age d'un an.Puis j'ai commencé le ski vers 3 ans je crois, et mes parents m'ont appris a surfé a partir de 5ans sur la grande planche de ma maman. Et comme je me debrouillais pas si mal, ils ont decidé de me faire faire des planches de surf par un shaper de Huahine(merci Andrew). Quelle chance!! Depuis j'ai enchainé des sessions de rêve sur les recifs autour de Moorea, et de beach breack sur le
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Juillet 2015
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Lundi 20 septembre 1 20 /09 /Sep 03:49



et oui comme je grandis trop vite, bein ma planche de surf était trop petite, et comme j'ai de la chance et que mes parents sont trop gentis, alors ils ont décidé de m'acheter une nouvelle planche , faite sur mesure par Andrew Fierro, le famous shaper de Huahine, le papa de Vahine ma cops.

J'ai trop hâte de la tester, va y avoir du roller à donf......PICT0014--2-.JPG

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Mardi 20 octobre 2 20 /10 /Oct 18:59


La y'a un article qui vient de sortir sur

merci Vainui







I guess she’s the kid you would like to have, and at the same time the kid you would have liked to be: she’s a cutie, she’s a lil’ ripper who surfs, kite surfs & snow kites… and she’s only 10!

I first met her while surfing my favorite reef break in Moorea (yeah, the one where I nearly drowned a few months ago): she was in the water on her bright pink surfboard, her dad pushing her in the waves (so cute!), and I was impressed by this tiny little thing who was charging every wave coming through, surfing them from the beginning to the end, with great style and with a big smile on her face. She was so cute, so fresh and so happy that just watching her surfing made me feel great… and even though I didn’t know the kid at all, I was proud of what she was doing.
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I definitely wanted to know more about this little girl named Kailea, daughter of Titaua Ropiteau (former France’s snowboard champ) and Guillaume Chastagnol (, snowboard and snowkite world champ. So when I got to hang out with her parents, I just listened carefully to their words every time they talked about their precious little thing.

The least you can say, is that Kailea is a little mermaid: born in Tahiti, she started swimming in the waves with her dad and learned to surf at age 5, in Huahine, her mom’s home island (located about 100 miles north west of Tahiti). Pretty impressive for a kiddo, when you know that the only waves she could surf over there were reef breaks!!! No wonder she rips… Better yet, she first went snow kiting at age 1, all bundled up in her dad’s backpack (!!), learned to ski at age 3 and finally started snow kiting on her own this past winter, in France.
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Of course, curious as I am, I couldn’t help checking out her blog ( to learn a bit more about her, and it turns out that Miss Kailea is also a pretty good skater & kite boarder; for her very first kite boarding session this summer, she did really well: please watch the video, and if you know a little bit about the sport, I guarantee you’ll be amazed by her accomplishment.

Kailea’s life is one of endless travels, going from lands of snow to ocean countries, following her dad’s pro schedule as a pro snowboarder / snow kiter / kite boarder. Despite this “busy” schedule (wish it were mine!), the whole family still spends 6 months a year in French Polynesia, between the beautiful islands of Moorea and Huahine, to reconnect with friends and family (yeah!!), and to enjoy the great waves and wind our islands offer year-round.

All the things that I saw and heard about her made me reflect on parenting and life as well. Being a mom myself (yeah, who knew?), this is the kind of life I wish to offer to my “mini me”: one of countless travels, experiences and discoveries, one life that would allow her to expand her horizon as much as possible and to see the beauty of the world she lives in. I strongly believe that being a parent is all about giving your kids the opportunity to be the best person they can be, to teach them that there’s no limit but the sky, and that they can make all their dreams come true if they really put their mind to it.
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My little one is only 3, and I already took her swimming in the waves, bodyboarding, and kiting with a 1.5m kite (don’t you guys worry about her, I always make sure the conditions are safe for her): she loves to play with the elements (just like her mommy, yeeaahh!) and it’s a lot of fun to share those moments with her and to see everybody around us smiling when they hear her laughing and yelling in the water!

Through all these, I also want to teach her that we are lucky to live in a world that has so much to offer, and that we should always be respectful and thankful for what we have and experience every single day.

Needless to say, I also teach her that going to school is very important and that life is all about finding the right balance that works for you.
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In that sense, Guillaume and Titaua are doing an incredible job with their life and their kid, and there’s no doubt Kailea the little mermaid is happy, with a great future ahead of her.

Keep ripping sweetie, we love you!! 



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Mercredi 15 juillet 3 15 /07 /Juil 21:39
coucou ,
et voilà les images de ma 1ère ridasse sur l'eau au beach club, avec ma cousine Terika.
et là c'est Maraamu alors a +

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Mercredi 20 mai 3 20 /05 /Mai 19:05
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Lundi 27 avril 1 27 /04 /Avr 15:04
Et oui c'est printemps au Casset et en plus je suis en vacances, hier la station a fermé ,
mais heureusement que j'ai mes kites, parcequ'aujourd'hui il neige encore et ca va être plein de powpowwwww.
Mais en attendant regarde les deux videdos que mon Papa vient de finir, c'est trop beau.
a bientôt
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Jeudi 12 mars 4 12 /03 /Mars 23:25
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Dimanche 8 mars 7 08 /03 /Mars 21:20

Petite video de notre trip en Italie
Viiiiive le snowkite

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Samedi 6 septembre 6 06 /09 /Sep 06:23

J'ai une passion c'est l'equitation hi hi hi !!!!!!! Je vais vous montrer des photos de ma super balade à cheval. Avec mes cousines , ma maman , mon cousin , ma tati lani et vaianu. mon cousin  il a 1 ans et demi et il a fait du grand galop avec nous !! on s'es trop bien amuée !!!

Par Kailea
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Samedi 6 septembre 6 06 /09 /Sep 05:55

salut, ce soir on va faire la fete !!!! he he he !!! comme le vendredi c'est la fete du soir,  on va y aller.Youpipi!! Bon doit y aller A+.

Par Kailea
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Lundi 11 août 1 11 /08 /Août 05:17
ET oui les vacances sont finies  demain c'est l'ecole! et en plus papa est revenu de new zeland!!!
On est déja allés au surf ce matin c'était bien. a+
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